She could sing for your grandparent’s anniversary, your niece’s birthday or your uncle’s funeral. Amy just knows how to do it right.  When Amy sings, we listen.                      

                                                - Kacy & Clayton


In Dreams is Edmonton singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Amy van Keeken's fourth solo release and first full-length LP.  It follows her 2016 EP, All the Time, which earned two Edmonton Music Awards nominations — Best Folk/Roots Recording and Best Female Artist. 

Amy began recording In Dreams in September 2017 and nurtured it over the fall and winter through a number of organic, intimate and collaborative sessions with co-producer Patrick Michalak who also engineered and mixed the album.

Mastered by Mitch Holtby (Mitchmatic) the album features musical performances by Nick “Smokey” Johnson (vocals, second guitar on You've Gone Away), Peter Hendrickson (drums, percussion), Doug Organ (vibes), Darren Radbourne (cornet, organ), and  Nathaniel Wong from Yes Nice (strings).

 Along with being a performing musician, Amy is a voice teacher, a broadcaster, and a rock band mentor for youth.  She is a member of folk/roots band The AwesomeHots, experimental rock band Mysticeti, and was a founding member of rock band The Secretaries.


The songs on this album feel at times mysterious and cinematic - shaped by her perfectly distorted Stratocaster - as often as they are simple and direct.

Her voice is sweet, warm and clear, like the narrator of a musical dreamscape. 

Also, Come With Me is an absolutely perfect pop song. Fleetwood Mac would be jealous.                                                           

                                                - Colleen Brown (Major Love)


 There is a sort of dreamy breathiness inherent in these songs — a finger sliding across an acoustic guitar; a tape-delayed note ghosting away. When did musicians become so afraid of space? A lot can happen in between two notes, and van Keeken lets it land throughout In Dreams. You could throw on a Carole King or Fleetwood Mac record on either side of In Dreams and no one would know we’d left the era of feathered hair and close harmonies.  You could watch van Keeken sharing the stage with nü- cosmic-country troubadours like the Highest Order or Kacy & Clayton and feel on the cutting edge of something. Where song craft and a sense of space is a careful consideration. Space.                    

                                         - James Stewart (Screaming Targets, Slates)


 I love these songs of yours!! So beautiful - I love your melodies and singing, and the cool arrangements!                              

                     - Kathryn Calder (Frontperson, New Pornographers)




Amy van Keeken